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Next Time Series

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It’s no longer a question of whether we can travel

into the future or the past.

It’s now a question of should we?

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From the moment I started this book I was immediately hooked. The end of each chapter leaves you eager to continue to the next. The author really sets the story, and brings the characters to life! A great read!

Shelby W.


A wonderful read packed with impeccably researched details. It truly transports the reader to the author’s destinations.

Bring on #2!

Debbie S.


Thoroughly enjoyed how this book captured my interest from the very first page. I have always loved a time travel storyline that takes present day fictional characters back to a time they have only read about in their history books. Very excited for book #2


Carol H.

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A Bit About Me

As a young child I was often told I had a vivid imagination. However, as a business professional there was little time for pursuing a writing career. But times have changed and now I'm finally able to live my dream; to be a storyteller.


Dare to temporarily suspend your disbelief and join me on this incredible journey through time with my debut trilogy NEXT TIME

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