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On The Brink of Extinction


Three very diverse animals are united in a common goal: survival. Witness their remarkable journey as they search for a new home, one away from humans. These inspiring animals face perilous trials and harrowing challenges in a magnificent ecosystem that is rapidly disappearing.

ON THE BRINK OF EXTINCTION is a heartwarming story about three unique characters: Marty, Chantel, and Bubba. It’s about their amazing journey, the bond they build, and the family they become.


Humans brought them to the brink of extinction.

Is it too late now to save them?


ON THE BRINK OF EXTINCTION (Book Review by Lochlan, 11 yrs old)

I have finished ‘On The Brink Of Extinction’ by W.M. Wiltshire. After finishing the book I can confidently say that it was amazing! There are so many plot twists, and you have to know, I LOVE those. This book showed life from the point of view of an animal. I have never read a book that has done this before. It really showed how terrifying humans can be. This book was probably one of my favorites; there is definitively enough action to keep even a Marvel fan like myself hooked. In my opinion, this book truly shines near the end because I thought it had a perfect ending; it resolved everything and still leaves you wanting more.


The title of this book is dire however the story within is a tender adventure. I found the main characters to be endearing and accurately described. The book entails a love story and adventure to the promise land away from Humans. Their journey takes the reader through the Canadian back country including the “Badlands”. I found the story rich in detail and plot. Consider the content appropriate for Grades 6 and up.

If you'd like to purchase a replica of one of the heroes in this story, I have found the following sites that also support ecosystems, wildlife conservation, and education.
Just click on an image below:

Marty                                               Chantel                                                         Bubba 
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