Next Time Trilogy Book 3


At last, the final installment in the NEXT TIME series is here.


Professor Quinn Delaney has proven time travel is possible, but at what cost? His children have vanished. His wife is in danger. And he’s been left for dead.


Closer than ever to getting his hands on Quinn’s remarkable invention, Richard manipulates everyone to fill the shoes of the man he betrayed. When the determined Quinn breaks out of his subterranean prison, he vows to put a stop to Richard’s plan; failure is not an option. Quinn must bring his children back home, if it’s not too late.


In the meantime, Dani and Daric barely avoid capture in a brutal civil war by tumbling into yet another time period. Seeking shelter in a small Roman town, the twins soon realize they are standing in the shadow of a sleeping giant. In a last-ditch effort to jump into another period and escape certain death, Dani and Daric discover they just may have run out of time.


In the breathtaking final novel of NEXT TIME series, join the Delaney family in their frantic RACE AGAINST TIME. They’ve made it this far, but can they reunite before time runs out for good?

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