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Next Time Trilogy

It's no longer a question of can we....p

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Next Time is a story of courage, ingenuity, adaptability, and determination. It’s about digging deeper than people think they are capable of, but, most importantly, it’s about family.


The journey begins with LOST IN TIME,

continues with RUNNING OUT OF TIME

and ends with RACE AGAINST TIME.


NEXT TIME series is an exhilarating time travel adventure that will leave readers wanting more.




What my readers have said ...


Wiltshire’s trilogy, Lost in Time, Running Out of Time and Race Against Time is an excellent read. The action shifts between present day, with a professor in the final stages of developing a Time Travel machine accidentally activated by his 20 year old twins, and the significant periods in history they visit. The author has used historically accurate material for each location the siblings visit, which I found both educational and engaging. That kept me reading just one more short chapter after another. These books have it all: touching, tender, loving emotion, very exciting fast moving adventure in both present-day and historical venues and a conniving, cruel villain.
I highly recommend Wiltshire’s trilogy.


Any read involving history and time travel has got my attention. This trilogy did not disappoint. It was an easy and enjoyable read. The adventures these kids got into definitely took you back to another place and time. I hope W.M. Wiltshire has something else to be published in the near future.

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