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Next Time Trilogy Book 2


The NEXT TIME series is back with another gripping adventure across time.

After narrowly cheating death, our favorite time-travelling twins, Dani and Daric, are back in action. With no clue how to find their way back home, the siblings attempt to navigate life in a period of history they’ve only ever read about. Each jump in time takes them to a more foreign and ancient place in the world’s timeline, causing the twins to doubt whether they will ever see their home again. 

In the present, Professor Quinn Delaney struggles to complete his work, to have any chance of bringing his children back from the past, but he runs into serious complications of his own. Richard, meanwhile, remains a man fueled by a feverish desire to take everything from Quinn, including rekindling the spark once shared with Quinn’s wife, Sandra. But just how far will Richard go to ensure his devious plan succeeds? As the Delaney family will soon discover, a once close family friend has unexpectedly become an unstoppable adversary.

In the second installment of the NEXT TIME trilogy, RUNNING OUT OF TIME, you'll find yourself transported into the past as the Delaney family attempt to fight their way back to each other.




A great second in a series book. The plot line continues with an easy flow for the reader from one book to the next. Lots of intrigue as the characters continue their quest to get back home without destroying history.

Intriguing plot and great use of historical time periods interwoven with the story. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in book three.

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